SQL Server Internals for Query Tuning - 3 Day Training

SQL Server Internals for Query Tuning - 3 Day Training

SQL Server Internals for Query Tuning provides the internal details you need to know to make sure you can get the best performance from your SQL Server queries.

This is an advanced course designed for advanced SQL Server professionals. The course includes extensive demonstrations that illustrate the details of SQL Server internals as well as tuning techniques. This course will be presented on SQL Server 2017 and cover features specific to that version, but most of the information is relevant to SQL Server 2016 and SQL Server 2014, and some is relevant to earlier versions.

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Private Mentoring

Private Mentoring

If you don’t have enough people, or can’t take enough time away from your work day for a full class, but there are specific issues with SQL Server Internals or Query Tuning that on which you need focused information, you can sign up for a mentoring package.  A minimum of 15 hours is required, and the schedule is up to you, based on my availability. Most of the mentoring will be done remotely, but an onsite initial visit is possible, if desired.

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One-Day Seminars

In addition, I offer almost a dozen different one-day seminars that you can combine to create your own custom class.

For more information about scheduling a private delivery, please contact me.

— SQL Server Concurrency Control: Locking, Blocking and Row Versioning

— Care and Feeding of the Transaction Log

— SQL Server Data Storage Formats: Internals, Performance and Best Practices

— SQL Server Query Plans: Reuse or Recompile

— SQL Server Query Tuning

— SQL Server Query Plans: Tuning and Management

— SQL Server Indexes: Internals and Tuning

— SQL Server HEKATON: In Memory OLTP, Internals and Best Practices

— Index Magic: Rowstore, Columnstore and Nostore