Kalen is the compleat* SQL Server guru. She is ever precise and thorough in her research and explanations. When I have a question regarding SQL Server internals, there’s no one I’d rather ask than Kalen. She is always professional, well-spoken, well-spoken of, and one of the best speakers on the SQL Server speaker circuit.

* not a misspelling: Compleat (adj.) 1. with everything included; entire, total. 2. quintessential.”
— Paul Nielsen
Author Trainer Consultant,
Paul Nielsen Consulting, Inc.
Kalen has a gift for explaining complicated things in a simple way. Her demos are very good at showing her point and her way of saying things makes new concepts easy to understand. She’s also an all around good person. :-)
— Cindy Gross
Support Engineer, Microsoft Corporation

Comments from the class evaluation forms for my 5-day SQL Server Internals class:

Kalen is one of the most competent SQL gurus in the world, and she is an excellent instructor. She would rate as the best instructor I have ever had.
Very clear explanations, many many GREAT practical examples … really liked the hands on approach of using real examples in SQL ‘live’, as opposed to just using paper and slides to show the examples.
Pace of the class was great – the use of examples real time was invaluable … she was also able to handle pretty much any question raised with an example of how SQL deals with the issue.
Kalen kept a brisk pace but made sure all our questions were answered. She gave great (and useful) examples in class and pointed us to some great external resources that I wasn’t aware of before. Very practical and down to earth. In a word, she was ‘awesome.’
Strong recommendation to attend any class she teaches. Very evident that considerable time was spent on the examples to clearly and simply show complex features in a short amount of time.