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Online Class -- SQL Server Internals 201


Online class offered through Brent Ozar Unlimited

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You’re a developer or database administrator, and you’re curious.

You love learning about the internals of the tools you use. You’re comfortable writing queries and creating tables, but you don’t always understand why a particular index gets used, and another one does not. You’re not sure when SQL Server chooses to reuse an existing query plan, versus when it decides to create a new one.

You’ve been to a few 1-hour “how to tune indexes” or “how to tune queries” sessions at your local user group, SQLSaturdays, or online, and you’re ready to dig deeper. You’ve run common industry tools like sp_WhoIsActive, sp_BlitzIndex, and sp_BlitzCache, but now you want to learn where those tools get their data from.

You’re ready for SQL Server Internals 201.

This is a 2-day class offered on the following dates:
     August 29-30, 2018
     October 30 and November 1, 2018