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Online Class -- Faster Transactions Without NOLOCK

Online class offered through Brent Ozar Unlimited

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You’re a developer with an application that’s grown over time, and its performance has started to degrade. When your users change data with inserts/updates/deletes, they are reporting random slowdowns. The more users you get, the worse performance becomes – and you’re not allowed to purge or archive data, either.

How are you supposed to handle concurrency and scale? You don’t have a senior DBA you can escalate these problems to – maybe you work for a software vendor. (Or maybe you’re the DBA, and this is the first time you’ve hit the notorious locking, blocking, and deadlocking walls.)

Good news: SQL Server has options to help – and we’re not talking about NOLOCK.

Dates Available:  
     August 23, 2018
     October 25, 2018