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Partitioning Session at SQL Konferenz, Darmstadt

Slides and Demos can be downloaded from here.

Partition Magic

There are many reasons for partitioning your data and indexes in SQL Server, and one of them is because of the ease of moving data into and out of a table. The way SQL Server keeps track of the internal storage of partitioned data allows data movement to be done as a metadata only operation. 

In this session we'll look at the metadata for table, index and partition storage to explore exactly what happens when a partition is moved. Looking at the internal details of partition storage allows us to understand the reasons for some of the restrictions on how and when we can get a benefit from partitioning.

In this session we'll look at:

  • How partitioning works

  • How your partitioned data is organized

  • The metadata behind your partitions

  • What is really happening when you switch partitions, split partitions and merge partitions

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